Autumn update

It is time to embrace autumn again! Weeeeeee!
It has been a long time without posting. Yes, I know. But I am back in business! 

My holidays were just amazing! All the energy is recovered and I am ready to give it all again!

I have already worked a couple of shifts with Steinar since I am back in Norway. 

Hopefully, I will be signing my new contract this week. Everyone is getting a new contract since my current leader is leaving. I wanted to work about 12 nights a month. However, it seems like I’m only getting about 8. If I want to work extra, I will have to apply for it every month. When I got this news I was a bit disappointed. But now that I had some time to reflect, I think it’s better to work less. That means more time to study hard. These next 5 or 6 months will be very important if I want to get a spot in medical school. 

The Autumn started yesterday and I didn’t miss the opportunity to make it a big day for me. I decided to put into practice some routines that (I believe) will make my days way more productive and keep me motivated to achieve my goals. 

The plan is to use the Pomodoro technique to help me keep the focus on the important things.

Autumn has come with plenty of change this year. I am super excited though! I really wanna make it into medical school next year!

This is my favourite season of the year.
I love the colours of the leaves, the colder air, the darkness that starts to embrace us here in Norway… It is beautiful! 

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