Gdansk Medical University Entrance Exam

The Gdansk Medical University entrance exam took place at the same place as last week (Bjørknes Skole). 

Registration was delayed and the exam started actually around 12:30-12:40. 
You are given 90 minutes to answer a total of 60 questions (30 in biology and 30 in chemistry). All of them are multiple choice. You do not get minus points when you fail a question which means that you can guess when you don’t know the correct answer.
The sample exams available at the university’s website are a very good approximation of actual entrance exam. So please make sure you go through these sample versions and understand how to solve them.
The most difficult part is without a doubt chemistry. The organic chemistry questions are way more difficult than those asked in the Semmelweis University entrance exam. Out of the 30 questions, I felt like 5 were very easy. The rest demanded some thinking and some of them were way out of my comfort zone (reaction mechanisms for instance). 
The biology was totally OK. You are asked some physiology questions (not many though), some general biology and a fair number of cell biology questions. 
After the exam, you must wait between 2-3 hours. Some of the students are further tested in biology (those who lack some of the biology courses from high school). 
When all the exams are corrected everyone is called into a room and the top 5 students are announced. They are admitted directly. 
All the other students who scored high enough to be offered a spot immediately will be called in next. Who was called next? A bunch of other students including me and 2 others who studied with me the last fall. Hurrrraaaaa!
Somewhere between 10-15 students were accepted directly. 
About 10 names were called in next. Those will have an interview tomorrow and this will determine whether or not they will be accepted.
The students who were not called by the professor were not admitted. They may try again in May. 
There were 2 professors responsible for the whole process. One of them will be our anatomy professor in the first year. They were very polite, respectful and welcoming. I was very impressed by the way they treated us compared to the Hungarian staff who was here last week. 
In the end, we were offered the possibility to ask the anatomy professor about our entrance exam. My friends wanted to ask about their score and since I was waiting for them I decided to do the same.
Hello again. Could you please tell me my score? What did go wrong? – I asked.
Hello. Let me check. You answered 19 questions correctly out of 30 in both chemistry and biology. Nothing went wrong really. This result shows a solid base to start with and that is why we think you are prepared to come to Gdansk. The first year is tough so be sure to get enough rest until September. However, try to not forget all the things you know now. 

This is all the relevant information I have got about the Gdansk Medical University entrance exam.

Believe it or not but I am feeling very divided right now. My heart wants to do medicine in Budapest. Maybe because all my references come from Semmelweis University. However, my brain screams Gdansk! Why? The study fees are not crazy high, the university hospital facilities are new and very modern, 90 minutes flight from Oslo, the professors seem to make an effort during the recruitment.
It seems that my internal battle is going to last for some days. But eventually, I will come to a decision. 
Whatever happens, it happens for a reason! 

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