Orientation Week – Days 3, 4 and 5

The past week was heavy. Information lectures, long queues, physical exams, registration… A never-ending story. For more information about the first 2 days of Orientation Week click here.

Day 3 

On Wednesday we were introduced to the professors. Each one of them had a powerpoint presentation. The biggest first-year subjects are Anatomy, Histology, and Biophysics. Embryology is also quite important but for some reason is a shorter course and we should be done with it by April 2017. 

After meeting the professors it was time for the matriculation ceremony rehearsal. And then again: Polish class.

The evening was spent in Old Town where we – freshmen – had a pub crawl. It was fun but I called it a night rather early. 

Day 4

The morning lecture was the week’s highlight for me. A doctor who had graduated from MUG came to talk to us and give us tips on how to survive the medical school journey. It was very inspiring! 

Right after that, we had to pick up our new student cards (which takes forever), take the physical examination, Polish class, and finally the X-ray. I was done around 16:30. Time to go home, take a shower, get my suit and my best tie in order to have a fancy dinner at the Scandic Hotel. 

We were all so beautiful that night. ? I loved it! All of us – freshmen and our godparents (the 2nd year students who have prepared a week full of activities for us) – were such in good mood. 

Thursday was definitely the best day of the week for me. 

Day 5

We were divided into groups – of 10 people – first thing in the morning. Most of the members of my group remained the same as during the Orientation Week. Every group had to choose a group leader and then we voted for the year representative. 

After that, we got to know our schedule. However, things are not organized so that each group gets its schedule right away. We have to register in an online platform individually and there we can access all the information regarding every single subject, rules of the university and the schedule. 

Around 12:30 we had Polish class and it was time to review the entire week’s content. Let me tell you: not an easy language to digest. So many different sounds and letters. 

At 14:00 started the ceremony where we become officially medical students. It is a beautiful ceremony where we all wear a special uniform (provided by the school) and where the Dean of the university and a couple of more important people have a speech. 

Once the ceremony was over and I went outside I received one of the best news ever: the problem concerning Norwegian students taking their medical education in Poland is solved. Our degree will be recognized in Norway and we will be granted a medical license once we graduate. What a relief! 

When I finally got home I slept about 12 hours straight. 

Saturday was a good day to shop groceries and fill up the fridge for the week that is coming. 

Today I woke up with what it seems a stone in my stomach. I do not know exactly why but I cannot relax completely. School is about to start and there so many things that seem to not be in place. There are lectures that I don’t know where they’ll take place, others are overlapping in the schedule. I never thought that we’d be kept in the dark for so long. I expected to have examination dates for the first semester by now, to know where (and when) to be and what to bring with me, to have an idea of what to read in advance, etc.

It is, to say the least, frustrating. But there is nothing I can do about it. We are all in the same boat anyway.

In order to force my mind to stop over thinking I went for a long run today. It was great! Once home I took a shower, got into my pyjamas and had a power nap. I can never sleep too much!

For dinner, I had a big avocado sandwich at Subway. I love their vegetarian/vegan options here. Definitely more variety than in Oslo. 

Talking about sleeping… The night is not young here anymore. Time to shut down. 

It feels as if I am about to lose my virginity. Exciting but also daunting. 

Good night everyone!

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