The move to Poland

Hello again!

Yes, I am still alive! I am already living in Gdansk.

The last week of August was spent in Germany and Czech Republic with friends who graduated with me 6 years ago.

Until the middle of September, my days were very enjoyable. Spending time with the ones who matter the most to me was my absolute priority.

I moved to Gdansk on the 18th with 4 suitcases. About 80 kgs altogether. Flying Oslo-Gdansk only takes 90 minutes.

Matilde arrived on Tuesday evening and from last Wednesday until now the days have just flown by. A total of 3 IKEA trips, shopping groceries, getting a Polish SIM card, trying to open a bank account, and making the apartment feel more like our new home has reduced our free time to nothing. Except for today when we actually did not do much other than trying to relax and prepare our minds to what is about to come.

I feel like I have so much to tell and so little time to write.

But let’s go straight to what matters the most here – medical school.

Orientation Week starts tomorrow. New students will hate to take blood and urine tests in the laboratory, a chest x-ray and a physical examination. I guess they want to make sure we are in good health condition before starting the programme. These exams are mandatory and if one fails to do them he/she will not be allowed to continue as a student of MUG.

The English Division was divided into groups of 20 students. Each group is further divided into two – 10 students each – and has its own schedule. At the end of each day, we are all invited to participate in activities organised by older students.

Besides the medical exams, there will be Polish language classes and some information sessions.

This is how the schedule looks for the different groups. I am in group 7 A which means that waking up on Wednesday will be a pain in my butt.




All I am taking with me tomorrow is my passport, a notebook and a pen. 

Let’s do this! 

1st-year booklist

Final lap I

3rd-year completed

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