Blind events

Yesterday I helped Randi (I work some extra hours with a blind woman who needs help in her everyday life) selling some of her products at a fair.

She is really into alternative medicines, healthy diet and non-chemical beauty products. Therefore, she sells different types of natural/non-chemical products. Herbs, creams, lotions, etc.

The fair was organized by the blind organization in Oslo. Everyone is welcome, but blind people are the target. However, there was not a lot of visitors. Despite the lack of people, we were able to sell some stuff.

We had a good time. The event lasted 3 hours.

I really enjoy working with her. She is so strong. She doesn’t suffer from the inferiority complex that many other disabled people have. She does her best in every situation, instead of making herself a victim. She really goes for it, she’s a happy person and she really impresses me. She sews, cooks, bakes, massages, works out, answers to emails, uses the computer, and she talks about interior decoration as if she could see. In other words: she inspires me!

I get such an optimism boost when I spend some time with her. It feels amazing.

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