Visit Gdansk

Welcome to Gdansk, an amazing city located in the north of Poland.

Are you visiting Gdansk soon? Perhaps moving in here to study?

Bingo. You chose the right place to go.

I have studied and lived in Gdansk since 2016. Yet, there is still so much left to explore.

What I like the most about this city is that whatever you can possibly wish for you can find it here.

Listed below are my top recommendations.

Where to eat breakfast

Where to have lunch/dinner

  • Amsterdam bar = Good bagels, beer and soups.
  • Crepes Nalesniki = Best crepes downtown. Vegetarian options.
  • €Goldwasser€ = Famous for its steaks. Not vegan-friendly.  
  • Kult Kebab = The best kebab in town in my opinion. You can make it vegan (falafel).
  • €Lao Thai€ = Superb Thai restaurant. Great location. Vegan-friendly.
  • Mandu = For pierogi lovers. Vegan-friendly. My absolute favourite restaurant in Gdansk. 
  • €Mito Sushi€ = One of the most delicate sushi I have ever eaten. Good vegan options (with lots of delicious fruit).
  • Mono = A good option in the heart of Old-Town. Vegan-friendly. 
  • Pueblo = A a students’ favourite. Mexican food. 
  • Pinata = A small, cosy restaurant. Perfect for sunny days since you can sit outside. Vegan-friendly. 
  • €Prologue€ = I believe you can have a vegan menu if you call them in advance. Worth a try! They won’t let you down once they agree to it.
  • Sempre Pizza e Vino = The name says it all. No vegan pizzas yet.
  • Sheroka = Good Chinese food. Vegan-friendly. 
  • Swojski Smak = Polish traditional food. Not the most vegan-friendly restaurant. 
  • €Thai Thai€= Authentic Thai food. Perfect for a romantic night.
  • €Vinno Grono€ = Excellent restaurant for meat lovers. Not vegan-friendly at all. 
  • 3Burguer = My favourite burger restaurant located in Rajska street (in front of Madison). 

Here, the average meal ranges from 17-30 PLN. The restaurants marked with a € symbol are pricier. Regardless of the price, I have eaten at least once in all the restaurants mentioned above. Therefore, I recommend them to you. Click on the links to find out about their location.

Now that I’ve killed your hunger, let’s focus on what to do in Gdansk. 

Firstly, I recommend you to get lost in the Old-Town. If you know a better way to explore a city, please let me know. Appreciate all the different coloured buildings around you. Notice the different shapes at the top. 

Secondly, once the awe starts to fade consider these activities. I have indeed tried most of them myself. Otherwise, I would not be recommending them to you. 

  • Bungee Jumping = For an adrenaline fix. I have personally done it. 
  • Bowling = U7 is my absolute favourite. Centrally located. A lot of fun. 
  • Go-kart = Close by the bungee jumping company. So if you are planning to do both activities you will save one or two car trips by reading this post.
  • Kayaking = A different perspective of Gdansk. This is one of my top recommendations. 
  • European Solidarity Centre = Another good museum.
  • Escape the room = A good activity for small groups of people. I have never managed to come out of such rooms as a winner. 
  • Second World War II museum = A fantastic exhibition. A must visit. 
  • Shooting range = I have not personally tried it but this place has been recommended by a friend. 

The effort to improve the cycling/running tracks during the last years is evident. Gdansk is quite flat which makes it perfect for such activities. 

For those of you who want to do some serious shopping. I got you covered.

The list of shopping centres is actually endless. Nevertheless, the ones mentioned above are the most popular ones.

When looking for accommodation it all depends on your preferences and budget.

I recommend the Hilton hotel if you can afford it. I love its location, the top bar with the view, the pool area, etc. I have never tried another hotel in Gdańsk.

Airbnb is a good alternative to hotels. Certainly, a cheaper solution if you avoid the luxurious apartments. 

Gdansk is usually packed with tourists in the summer. In my opinion, the best months to visit are March, April, May, September and October. December for Christmas shopping is a good option as well. 

October-February is considered the low season. It is still worth the trip, though. 

What are you waiting for? Book your trip and visit Gdansk!

Check out this post if you would like to know more about the living costs in Gdansk.

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