Jagiellonian University Entrance Exam

Even though I am not applying to study medicine in Krakow, I decided to write a post about the Jagiellonian University entrance exam. 

I have been asked for help regarding (particularly) the chemistry part of this exam so I have become familiar with the examination style.
Whoever applies to this university must take an exam that consists of 50 biology and 50 chemistry questions (multiple choice and 150 minutes total).
Let’s say there are 60 available spots for those who apply through the Norwegian agent. Then only the top 60 students will get them. 
Jagiellonian University is by far the most popular Polish medical university among Norwegian students. 
I have spent some hours solving previous exam questions. Let me tell you. This exam is way more difficult than the ones I’ve taken so far. 
The chemistry part requires so much attention that I feel drained after 50 minutes. A lot of organic chemistry and tricky general chemistry questions. It’s definitely an intense experience.

The biology is equally tough. Anatomy and physiology questions + general biology. Some of the questions are just like… What? 

Are you taking the Jagiellonian University Entrance Exam? These are my top 3 tips for you.

  • Do all the previous tests available. The exam has the same exact style. The more you do the better you will get at it.
  • Start with the biology part and finish it as soon as you can. Move on to the chemistry part. Here make sure you jump all the questions that will require you to waste some time. Come back to these once you’re done with the exam. 
  • Rest properly the day before the exam. You will need to be at your best to perform well when taking the exam. 

Please do not tell yourself ‘I will go there to see how it goes. Who knows? Maybe I will make it.’.  This type of mindset will just make you waste time and money. 

I strongly recommend you to do some extra reading on your own if you are currently graduating from high school. This exam covers topics that one doesn’t study at high school in Norway. 

Good luck to all of you taking the exam on the 4th of June! 

Personally, I have never really considered studying medicine in Krakow. I do not find the city as charming as Gdansk. In addition, it is not as close to Oslo in comparison with other Polish cities, and the tuition fees are slightly higher. 

Click on these links if you are interested in knowing more about the Gdansk Medical University and/or Semmelweis University entrance exams, respectively. 

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