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Before I started my first semester of medicine I bought some of the books recommended by the school.

However, these are the books that you actually need if you are studying in Gdansk.


An atlas of your choice. The school follows Netters. However, I have problems with it. I find many of the pictures hard to understand. Too messy for me.

I absolutely recommend Thieme’s. Buying the following 3 books in a bundle is your best option. 


It is not the cheapest way to go but it is absolutely worth the investment. Beautiful pictures and amazing tables summarising the most important content.

Another atlas that I absolutely recommend is Anatomy – A photographic study by Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, and Elke Lütjen-Drecoll. This one has pictures of real cadavers and it a great book to use when studying for your practical anatomy exams. It is totally optional but I bought it and I really benefited from it. If you are trying to spend as little as possible then get the Rohen’s Photographic Anatomy Flash Cards instead. These are a must-have. 

As a textbook, you will need Essential Clinical Anatomy by Keith L. Moore and Anne M. R. Agur. It is actually a smaller version of Clinical Oriented Anatomy by Keith Moore and – in my opinion – much easier to read. 

I started with Clinical Oriented Anatomy but I found it so difficult to read. And intimidating. Way too big and ridiculously heavy. Too much information can easily be a curse. So make yourself a favour and start with Essential Clinical Anatomy. You can always try to read Clinical Oriented Anatomy after a while and consider a change. Towards the end of the year, I just read Clinical Oriented Anatomy because it has some really good tables and is extra detailed in some of the topics covered in anatomy. 

BRS – Anatomy is a must. All the high yield content is presented in this book. Good review summaries and questions at the end of each chapter. Difficult topics explained in a very clear way. 

If you are the type of person who enjoys buying brand new books the information below might be useful to you. 


BRS – Cell Histology is a life saver. Really good to study for the weekly tests and my main source for colloquia and the final exam.

I personally don’t like the book recommended by the school – Textbook of Histology by Leslie P. Gartner. Way too much text. Bla bla bla… And histological blah blah blah couldn’t be any more boring. However, you must have it because there are really important summary tables and pictures that you will need to study for the exams. 

The histology atlas recommended by the school is not worth the buy because everyone (including you) will try to get their hands on another (Polish) atlas book. So wait with the atlas.


The Developing Human by Keith L. Moore is the one recommended by the school. I don’t recommend buying it. The terminology used during the seminars does not match the one adopted in the book which will make you confused. Moreover, the book is useless when studying for the final exam. Save your money on this one, unless you want to have it because you love embryology.

The book I bought back in August-September (Larsen’s Human Embryology) was a waste of money. Unfortunately. Way too superficial.

Basic Polish I

Your teacher will buy the book for you.

It will cost you something like 100 PLN.


No need for more books. 

Are you into 2nd-hand books? Don’t worry. There is a big market since older students tend to get rid of their books. You might not get the most recent edition of the book you need but you can make very good deals.

In case you want your books smelling brand new I recommend buying them on Amazon via the links provided above. 

There is a school bookshop selling the same books but they are usually more expensive.

I bought most of my books in Oslo but I would not have done it if I knew back then what I know today. 

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