Mytomatodiary #40

13th and 14th of November

Total number of tomatoes: 8
  • Human Physiology: 8 [The Urinary System Review; The Reproductive System Review; Practice Exams; Final Exam] = I enjoyed my Thursday as much as I could. I knew I would need an extra kick to review everything I felt insecure about. I remember taking a deep breath and click on the examination button. The exam is divided into 3 parts, each containing 12 multiple choice questions. 30 minutes are given for each part. I thought the exam would be much much tougher. It was OK but not as difficult as I expected. Therefore it took me about 10-15 minutes to answer each part.

In the end, I got a total of 101 points out of 108. We needed 76 points in order to pass the course. Obviously, I am very happy with my performance. However, I didn’t feel in control several times during this course. I guess that’s how you feel once you study medicine. There’s always something extra that you feel you should have studied.

Now that the course is over I can focus entirely on biology, chemistry and physics.

Now things will start to get interesting (being ironic).

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