Studying medicine in Poland – Uncertainty

The past week a couple of things have happened that felt like a kick in my stomach. 

First of all, I found out that at the end of the 6 years medical program (in Poland) one will not be granted a medical license. For those who don’t know, whoever graduates in medicine needs a medical license in order to work as a doctor.
So after the 6 years, we must come to Norway and apply for residency – which lasts 18 months. Then (and only then) we will get the medical license. In case we don’t get a residency/internship spot in Norway (as there is a limited number) we must do related work while waiting for the next application round.
Apparently, this has always been the rule for people who study medicine in Poland. My bad that I didn’t know about this back in March. 
Secondly, ANSA – the association for Norwegians studying abroad – published an article discouraging medicine students from studying in Poland due to the uncertainty regarding the obtainment of the medical license upon graduation. Such uncertainty applies to those graduating after 2019 – which includes me and those who are currently in their 2nd year. 
All because after 6 years studying in Poland you are not given a medical license to work anywhere – not even in Poland. One must pass a fluency language test (in Polish obviously) and do the residency/internship in Poland (one year if not longer) in order to get the license. 
Everyone wants to believe that Norway and Poland will close a deal that will save Norwegian medical students from trouble upon graduation after 2019. However, nothing is guaranteed. In the worst case scenario, one will have to take the Polish language test and do the residency in Poland in addition to the 6 years program. 
If I knew about all this back in March I would have chosen to study at Semmelweis in a blink of an eye. Hungary is perhaps the only country in Europe that gives you the medical license upon graduation. Then you are free to work pretty much anywhere you want. Even in Norway since residency/internship is not mandatory. Only had I known about it.
There is no plan B for me right now. Everything is set to study in Gdansk. It is too late to apply to Hungary again since they are done recruiting international students. 
Hopefully, the worst case scenario will be nothing more than a nightmare these days. 
I feel so disappointed, confused, even lost. What a mess.

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