Recharging mode

Last weekend I was definitely in ‘recharging mode’. To be honest it was well worth it!
After a Friday evening full of Vietnamese food, Saturday came and we drove to Sweden (Charlottenburg). About 2.5h from Elverum.
Norwegians are crazy about shopping in Sweden since it is so much cheaper. No wonder the Swedes built some big shopping centres close to the Norwegian border, right? As you approach the Swedish border you see the Norwegian little towns totally dead. There’s nothing other than houses and perhaps a little bank here and there. Everyone buys in Sweden.
My friends told me that we’d be going to a big and popular candy shop. Well, in my mind a candy shop is always a candy shop. It can’t be THAT much of a big deal, right?
When we came in I was looking around and thought to myself ‘There must be some kind of mirror on the other side that gives us an illusion of dimension. It looks very nice though.’. We walked through a corridor and then I saw a huge open space. Honestly, my chin dropped and I remember bending over in pure disbelief and saying out loud while laughing my ass off ‘Are you kidding me?’.  My friends laughed so much at my reaction. This place happens to be the biggest candy shop in the Scandinavian countries, including Finland.
So yeah, it was a complete moment of dejà vu. Back to childhood. 
We spent about 4 hours going around the shopping centre, having fun while buying all the candy we wanted (it is so much cheaper than in Norway), eating Thai food for lunch and trying on some sports clothes.
When we came home that evening we still played one dominion match and then I got some help with my Norwegian exercises and homework. They were really unbelievable to me. Patient and helpful, trying to find the words that I couldn’t, yet we did not speak English at all during the whole weekend.
I woke up at about 12 o’clock on Sunday and they were not up yet. Therefore I decided to enjoy a moment outside and get some fresh Norwegian morning air.
What an amazing weekend!
I almost forgot how it feels like to enjoy a proper weekend. Since I work flexible, my weekends usually mean working.
Thanks to my friends I had a really good time (including time exclusively for myself), lots of fun and the chance to recharge my batteries by up to 200%.
I’m really grateful for having met such nice and kind people. Tusen takk dere! 
Now it’s time to focus on my goals and work hard to achieve them.
Let’s do it, Hugo! 

Let it go!

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