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Yes, I know. 4 days are missing now in Mytomatodiary. No excuses! I must update this diary every day but I have been too lazy. Shame on me.

Friday 26th September #4
Total number of tomatoes: 4
  • Norwegian: 4 [Reading a big article on the news and watching some videos]  = I should have worked on Physiology but I couldn’t do it. 🙁 I suck at being strict with myself sometimes.


 Saturday 27th September #5

Total number of tomatoes: 4
  • Human Physiology: 4 [Nervous System + The Senses + The Somatic Nervous System + Skeletal Muscle] = Again, I had not yet covered all the material for the first examination. I was feeling kinda bad!
Sunday 28th September #6
Total number of tomatoes: 12
  • Human Physiology: 12 [Smooth and Cardiac muscle + Review of all the previous topics] = I guess the panic took over at some point and I couldn’t stop reading until the moment I decided to get over with it and took the online examination. It went pretty well for someone with no biology background at all!
Monday 29th September #7
Total number of tomatoes: 5
  • Norwegian: 5 [Reading + Writing] = I did OK. However, I had the feeling that the exam is coming soon and I still can’t force myself to study the way I should. Studying languages is a tricky thing.
All in all, it’s progress. I am accomplishing something that I have never accomplished before. However, the primary goal is not to do 3 Pomodoros a day. The goal is to use at least 1 Pomodoro for each learning ‘project’ or ‘subject’ that I’m taking at a certain moment in time. Therefore, I should be using one tomato on Norwegian, one on Physiology and one on Codecademy. Instead, I’ve been focusing all my available time on the subject that needs more attention for some reason (let’s say a deadline).
I must reconsider the way I plan my days and make it right soon. Otherwise, I will be always shifting my focus from one subject to another and that will lead to frustration.
So let’s keep on trying to be smart with my free time and make it effective.

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