Rainy days

Are you in a rainy mood? Then Oslo should be your destination. Or checking this out would also help RainyMood. It is awesome if you want to enjoy your bed!
August has come and the rain is here to stay. It has not been cold yet, but the time to show your legs is gone. Sadly. There is nothing better than looking at a good pair of legs to warm up your body.

What have I been up to lately? Nothing really exciting. Since so many people have been on holidays during the summer, I have been working a lot. Right now I am not sure if it’s Steinar who is fed up with my company, or if I am the one who is a bit fed up with the job. Especially when I am working evenings. They feel so incredibly slow. 
I love my job and I feel that I am giving 200%. However, when you are working closely with someone all the time, things can be a little weird sometimes.
It’s almost like a relationship. There are ups and downs. I guess we are going through a down right now. Steinar’s situation is horrible and I can’t imagine how hard it is to communicate with somebody when you must write letter after letter while not being able to move anything but the muscles of your face. I have been working on a significant amount of signals and shortcuts in order to make things easier for him. For example, when he wants to me to dry his tears (he cries a lot because he has a computer screen in front of him the whole time) he pushes the button 3 times. If he wants me to clean his nose, he reproduces a funny loud sound with the machine. I think you get the idea. 
Nevertheless, he has lately asked for completely different things than usual. And guess what. He is too lazy to write exactly what he wants. When he realizes that I don’t understand what he wants, instead of writing it with other words, he freaks out and makes this horrible pain grimace that paralyzes my brain. Once he does this, I am not able to think clearly anymore. 
– ‘Steinar, I am here to help you with everything you need but you must tell me what you want. Help me here mate.’
Eventually, I understand whatever he wants, and everything is back to normal for some time. Until he writes another impossible sentence and expects a quick response. It is so frustrating when he does not cooperate at all. It makes a shift of 7 hours feel like 14. 
Today is officially my last working night in August. Two weeks of vacation and a smooth re-entrance in September. That’s all I can think about now. I will not take many extra shifts in order to have time for other things. In the end, I have a life too. In addition, I need to be really strict with myself and commit to studying more.  
Here is a course that I plan to take on Coursera: Introductory Human Physiology. It is a tough one. I tried to follow at the beginning of the year but it was way too much for me. Let’s see if I can do it this time.
I just finished Preparation for General Chemistry (also on Coursera platform). It was the most challenging course that I have ever taken so far online.
My Norwegian exam fee (Bergenstest – the equivalent to the IELTS or TOEFL for the Norwegian language) is paid and I am therefore registered.
19th of October is the date. I will attend a preparation course for this exam during September and the beginning of October. I feel good about it. I am not a pro but I can understand a lot more than a year ago. The important thing is to keep up the study pace. Let’s do it!
Now that I am almost on holiday mode and about to finish this post, I would like to share a video that has spread out the word ALS through the entire world. Because of it, the donations towards ALS associations have increased insanely!
Hopefully, the scientific community will be able to find a cure for it! Crossing my fingers for it!

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