Mytomatodiary #29

31st of October

Total number of tomatoes: 10
  • Biology: 7 [The Endomembrane System; Animal VS Plant cells; Intercellular junctions] = lots of new concepts. For a person who just knew that the cell had a nucleus and a cytoplasm, this was a whole new world for me. I must read 2 or 3 topics more in order to reach my weekly goal, but these were already covered at the beginning of the online course that I am taking. Therefore, not everything will be new and hopefully, I will get the job done faster.
  • Human Physiology: 3 [GI track – General Structure and Function; Regulation of Acid Secretion] = I have been really looking forward to studying the Gastrointestinal System. It is one of my favourite systems in the body. I am very interested in getting to know how the food we eat is processed all the way in order to feed all our cells. So far I feel good about it. 
It is interesting to understand that when I have a complete day free to study, I manage to read less than when I don’t. I really should get better at doing the opposite. 

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