The last summer

‘Enjoy every single day of your last summer. Yes, because this is your last one.’ – This is one of the top recommendations I get the most from current medical students. 
Two and a half months have passed since the entrance exam and I feel like I have lost a chunk of brain. 
I haven’t yet engaged in any kind of studying activity whatsoever. It feels strange, to say the least. 
Today I actually opened my book ‘Biology for Dummies’ and read a little about the carbohydrates and proteins. A quick review.
The books for Dummies are really amazing. Minimalist design, short chapters and a very understandable language. They turn difficult concepts into easy ones making the learning experience very enjoyable. 
I feel like rewriting my notes on chemistry and biology. Writing things down makes me absorb information on a whole new level. Reading, on the other hand, is quite passive to me. 
I’d rather start the academic year with my homework done than not. I am afraid there will be no time to recap at the beginning of the course. So I better use some of my free time to sit down, review the most important topics and rewrite my notes.
Taking notes is a big part of how I study. I just love all the different colours, markers, post-its, etc. So many possibilities! The downside is that it takes forever. 

Let it go!


Living in the dark

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