Until we meet again UiO

Soon after being accepted into medical school I dropped the subjects that I had enrolled at the University of Oslo.

This semester I enrolled in Physics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Physics was the first subject to be ignored, early in February. I couldn’t keep up with night-shift work and the equivalent to a full-time study program. Many of the classes were mandatory and I just failed to attend everything from the beginning.
The only subject I actually cared about was Cell Biology. It was relevant for both entrance exams I intended to take and I gave it a shot. However, I dropped it along with Biochemistry immediately after I was accepted into medicine. 
Why? I don’t feel like writing long lab reports and do all the assignments required to pass the courses. Not anymore. So it’s over for me. Until we meet again UiO.
There will be 6 years of intense hard work to tackle. Why not enjoy my last 5-6 months of freedom? 
I don’t intend to forget much of what I have learned so far. Thus, I am planning to rewrite my chemistry and biology notes. In addition, I’d really like to take an online course in physics. It’d be great to master some of the difficult concepts before I have biophysics. 
So that’s the plan. Enjoy my free time and use some of it to prepare the way. I like keeping myself organised. 
It feels like I’m back to the beginning of my premed time. No classes, no rigid timetables, but a strong motivation to learn more. That’s just awesome! 


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