EEP Days 21 – 26

EEP – Day 21

Today I was at the university writing my biology lab reports from about 8:45 AM to 13:45. 
The idea was to discuss the most difficult questions in a group.  

We actually managed to answer all those tough questions but the worse is to write the lab report from A to Z. So many details.
No studying for the entrance exams. I had to prepare dinner for my best friends. It was awesome to have some quality time with them.
EEP – Day 22
Biology multiple choice questions. Not much more done besides that. Questions, questions, questions.
EEP – Day 23
Physiology Review: Nervous System and the 3 different Types of Muscle: Skeletal, Smooth and Cardiac. 
Chemistry multiple choice questions. Love it!
EEP – Day 24
Physiology Review. Homeostasis Review + Nervous System Review + Videos.
EEP – Day 25 
Most of my time was consumed while dealing with the paperwork that both applications require. Gathering documents, scanning, haircut, pass photos. All day running from one place to the next. I don’t specify whatever I managed to read in the meanwhile because it was not very productive anyway. 
EEP – Day 26
Physiology Review: Nervous System Review + Circulatory System Review + Respiratory System + Hypothalamus&Pituitary&Adrenal Gland Axis.
Going through all these topics and having a good overview of what happens in each system the physiology questions (that are likely to come in the exam) became way easier to handle. At least to narrow down the multiple choice options to 2. 
Today I feel that I moved forward. Progress, once again. Great.

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