‘The 2nd year will be easier. Then you’ll know what to expect from the studies and you’ll have a network in Gdansk. Right now, however, you are in the dark. It’s difficult to picture where you are going to live, how your everyday life is going to be, pretty much everything is unknown.’
These were my friend’s words. Well, perhaps not exactly these but something alike. And I could not agree more with her.
I might be overthinking the whole thing. I am so excited about studying medicine that I think about it all the time. I imagine so many different scenarios… Regarding apartments, friends, books, study sessions, study breaks, whiteboards, meal prep, etc. I’m nuts!
I should really give myself a break. I can’t even enjoy the present moment when my brain is constantly running in the future. 
Sometimes I lose myself. All the insecurities come to the surface and I wonder, wonder, wonder… 
Now that I am writing about I’m starting to feel better about it. There’s no need to worry this much.
Let it go, Hugo, let it go.
Everything is going to be all right. 

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