Sample Exam – Gdansk Medical University

I’ve finally worked out the sample exam to Gdansk Medical University. You can check it out here.

The biology part has a lot of physiology (again). I don’t quite understand why so many physiology questions are asked when usually people do not study any of it in high school. I mention high school level because that’s the biology and chemistry level most universities require to apply to medicine.
When doing this type of examination I aim to be done with the biology part as fast as possible. I make sure I read the questions carefully as well as the possible answers but I tend to decide rather quickly. The main goal of this strategy is to buy time for the chemistry part of the exam. 

Chemistry questions take me longer to find out the answer, especially if the calculations are tricky. Having a little extra time for the harder questions keeps me calm and decreases my level of anxiety. There’s nothing worse than having a lot of questions to go through when 5-10 minutes are left. 

The chemistry part of the exam is actually harder when applying to Gdansk then to Budapest. 30% of the questions are actually hard for me to solve without any help. I had to look it up on Google and some of them are not quite clear to me yet.

So I came up with a list of topics I should go through before Saturday (preferably Friday).

  • Acidic Oxides
  • Acid/Base Organic Chemistry
  • Oxidation/Reduction Organic Chemistry
  • Tollens’ Test
  • Reactive Metals
  • Discolouration of Metals
Basically, I need to review the majority of these topics. Others, I have never read about – acidic oxides for instance. 
Tonight is my last night shift of the week. As long as I can study effectively for some hours today (since I am still reduced due to lack of sleep) and reinforce the material on Thursday, I think I will do fine. 
Doing well enough on the written exam means no interview. 
Right now I just need to stay strong and believe that I can do this. 

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  • Hi! Agreed. It's quite scary that they don't provide much info but the exams available online are very reliable. The actual exam will not differ much from the sample test. Make sure you go through all the questions and understand them. If you are lucky 1 or 2 questions will be exactly the same. 🙂 Let me know if you need any more input on the entrance exam. When are you taking it? Good luck!

  • Hi! So glad I came across your blog. I am thinking about studying at Gdansk too! Bothers me how there is only one sample exam online…

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