Kjemi 2 Privatisteksamen – Chemistry II Written Exam

This post is all about my experience with the Kjemi 2 Privatisteksamen – Chemistry II Written Exam.

Last Tuesday hundreds of students gathered at Valhall Arena in Oslo in order to do their Chemistry II exam.

They started sitting students at 8:00 AM even though the examination only started at 9:00 AM. The day before the exam I was a little unsure if I should be there one hour before the exam. It seemed a little too long to wait on the spot but right now I am glad that I did it anyway. It’s good to have some time to calm yourself down and to prepare yourself for the challenge.

I lost way too much time on the multiple choice part of the test. The first 3 questions were a little bit of a punch in my face because I couldn’t be sure about one answer. I had to skip and come back to them later. Somehow that pissed me off and I struggled with time through the entire exam. 

There were at least 2 multiple choice questions that I had no idea about the correct answer. I couldn’t even go with the elimination process that usually we are supposed to apply when we are not sure about the right option.

I don’t think the exam was very tough. There were some tricky questions, but overall I think it was OK. Anyone who understood the main topics would be able to pass.

No matter what the outcome will be I am proud of all the effort put into studying. It has been difficult to work so much and study in the free time. It takes a lot of discipline to take your books and go to the library when you can just stay home and relax. Especially when I will be only applying to medical school next year. 

Just the fact that I did this exam means to progress to me. And right now that’s all that I care about.

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