Mytomatodiary #36

9th of November

Total number of tomatoes: 5
  • Biology: 3 [Photosynthesis] = I think that I got 90% of it now. It feels great!
  • Chemistry: 3 [Chemical nomenclature – Practice] = There is one that I cannot understand: Mo(SO4)3 = Molybdenum Sulfate. I really don’t get it. Since Molybdenum is a transition metal, shouldn’t it be Molybdenum (VI) Sulfate? SO4 has a negative charge of -2 and there are 3 sulfates. Therefore, all together they have a -6 charge. That implies that Mo has an oxidation state of +6 in order for the compound to be neutral. Let a comment if you can explain me this. 


Week 2 is officially over. It feels like I have an elephant to kill. So much material to read.

It’s almost a little overwhelming to look at my desk right now. Never, ever give up though!

We’re gonna make it into medical school or die trying to make it there! 

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