Mytomatodiary #30

 1st of November

Total number of tomatoes: 5
  • Human Physiology: 3 [GI Track Digestion and Absorption; Motility] = This is definitely my favourite organ system so far. I think it is so interesting! The focus of these two topics was on the intestines. Really amazing how the body breaks down so many complex foods into small nutrients that can be absorbed in the small intestine.
  • Biology: 2 [Passive and Active transports] = These topics were already covered in the first weeks of the physiology online course. Therefore, it was more of a review to me. The book I am reading is really detailed and gives examples along with the material, which is so important to understand the concepts. There were several things that I couldn’t understand about the cell. After reading the third chapter of this book everything has fallen into place in my head.
My first week of studying is over. There is still a long way to go but I’ve never been so motivated to go all the way. Exciting! 

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