Learn chemistry on your own

In this post, I share with you how to learn chemistry on your own, as well as biology and physics.

You dream of medicine. However, you are lacking the science subjects required to start the application process.

The good news is that you can totally achieve the grades you need on these subjects. Free of charge for those of you who are willing to work extra hard.

The bad news is… There is no quick fix. Depending on your situation it might take you 1-2 years if not longer. 

In high school, I chose the economic field of studies. For that reason, I skipped chemistry, biology, and physics. 

How do I intend to learn enough of these 3 subjects in order to apply to medical school?

I tell you right away. Online and at my own pace.

Norwegian students are required to pass basic physics in high school in order to apply to medicine. In the majority of cases, as an applicant to any Eastern European medical university, you will not be tested on physics. Biophysics is usually part of the first-year medical program though. And honestly, I don’t think there will be time for introductions. So you better learn some of the basics on your own, if you haven’t yet. 

Moving on to the juicy part of this post. This is where you learn chemistry on your own, as well as biology, physics, history, maths, you name it.


1) Khan Academy – This website alone should do it. It is such an amazing tool for students worldwide.  

2) Youtube – Channels that I absolutely recommend.

3) Coursera – These are the courses that I recommend.

4) MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This website is really good. The videos are available all the time, so you can just access the classes, study material, notes, exams and so on whenever you want. Whether you need to review some concepts or you learn from scratch, visit this page. It offers biology, chemistry and physics courses. 


The order I wrote these pages down has nothing to do with their better or worse quality. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Then focus on Khan Academy and Youtube. They will get you far. 

Try to combine the content available in all these websites to learn as much as you can.

I really believe that it is possible to score good enough to get into medical school using these online sources of information. You just need the right motivation and a desire for learning.

No need to take premedical courses in private schools anymore. All thanks to the internet!

In Norway, private schools charge you up to 20.000 NOK to prepare you for the final (high school level) chemistry exam. Chemistry alone! Imagine those who pay for biology and physics courses in addition. Way too expensive!

Run away from unnecessary premed debt. Learn chemistry on your own instead.

Keep your eyes on the prize and sooner than you expect you will be eligible to apply to medicine.

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