Mytomatodiary #16

10th of October


Total number of tomatoes: 10

  • Human Physiology: 6 [Respiratory System] = Here’s a snapshot of the videos I managed to see during the day. I’ve read all the theory before watching the videos, which is the secret to survive this course. Everything seems to fall into place. There’s a lot of things that become clearer once you watch the videos and listen carefully to the examples given. The Respiratory System is surprisingly logical and very interesting.
  • Norwegian: 4 [Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary Memorization] = The grammar exercises went a lot better today. I just have to do lots of them. By doing many you increase your chances to succeed since the language has a limited number of different ways to express a certain meaning. So let’s keep on doing it!
I’m really proud of myself today. The short breaks in between Pomodoros really help me to avoid burnout.
Another thing that really boosts my productivity and effectiveness is to plan today what I am going to study tomorrow. Then I don’t run into thinking ‘Oh, I don’t even know where to start…’. It really works for me.
Time to relax with some black tea and prepare myself for a good night of sleep.

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