Mytomatodiary #11

3rd of October
Total number of tomatoes: 5
  • Human Physiology: 3 [Circulatory System] = It’s hard to make all the info sink in. But I’m sure I’ll get there!
  • Norwegian: 2 [Bergenstest (reading part) sample] = Time is against us during examinations. So we better decide quickly whether or not we should ignore a question and stick our decisions. If there is time left in the end, I can allow ourselves to go back and try to figure out the answer. If you get stuck and insist on something that doesn’t produce a result, you’ll fail the whole exam. So what’s the point? Move on!


I’m not nervous about the Norwegian test yet. I know it will get worse as the date approaches but for now, I’m still feeling good about it. We’ll see how long this feeling lasts.

The move to Poland


First-year subjects

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