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One day you wake up and realise that you don’t know anything about chemistry. 

You remember the name ‘electron’ and you hear people talking about the periodic table but when you look at it nothing is familiar to your brain.
Welcome to my world up until the beginning of 2014. I didn’t know a thing about chemistry. 
I knew that the atom was the smallest particle of matter that contains certain properties. That was pretty much it. 
Nevertheless, I’ve always dreamed big about medical school and the possibility of being a future doctor. Some years went by and I decided to open my mind and give myself a new chance. The chance to learn things on my own, in my own time and at an enjoyable pace.
If you are also one of the ones who dream of becoming a doctor someday but you don’t even know where to start, I’d advise you to learn chemistry before you get into biology and physics. Many of the topics covered in those subjects are directly linked to chemistry. 
So here is the deal. Master chemistry and the other two subjects will taste sweeter.
No idea where to begin? Let me show you the way. Click here.

Remember: you’ve got the power! All you need is the right motivation. 

Final lap II

62 days

Chemsitry II and Physics I

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