Yesterday I exchanged a few messages with a Norwegian friend of mine. We ended up deciding that I would visit her this weekend. Where does she live? Elverum, a town about 2h from Oslo (Northeast) by bus or train.

‘Hi, Hugo!’
‘Hello! How are you doing?’
‘Fine, thanks. You?’
‘I’m good, thank you. Very excited about visiting you in Elverum!’ – said I when I met her in Oslo. She came to Oslo for working reasons and we were offered a ride to Hammar (a town that is quite close to Elverum) by one of her colleagues.

It had been such a long time since I sat in a car… This is one of the biggest changes in my lifestyle since I left Portugal. There I was driving or being driven almost every single day. In Oslo, I use public transportation for everything. So whenever I sit in a car, it always hits me: ‘How much of a privilege is this, eh? Would you believe that you’d be missing the comfort of sitting in a car someday?’.

From Hammar we took a bus to Elverum and her husband was already waiting for us at the bus station when we arrived. The good news came immediately.

‘Guys, we’ll wait for my sister and then we’ll go to my parents’ place to have dinner. Vietnamese food for free Alvaro! Do you like Vietnamese food?’ – asked him (he is the son of a Vietnamese couple who is living in Norway for over 30 years now).
‘Are you kidding me? I love it!’ – answered I gladly.

After a great time at this family place, we headed home (or to my friend’s house). They were so tired that they decided to go to bed as soon as we arrived. I told them that I’m a night owl and asked their permission to be in the living room. They are super hosts and made me feel completely at home. Coffee, tea, chips, sweets, cookies, internet, books, etc. And I do feel home. It is so quiet in here right now. I am enjoying so much being in this enormous living room by myself that it is difficult to put it in words.
What a scenario. It is late, pitch dark outside, quiet, peaceful, warm inside, I’m wearing extra comfy clothes and lying on their endless couch as I write this post. Isn’t life just perfect sometimes? 

I’m off to Sweden tomorrow morning with my friends so I better go to bed at some point. Not before I make sure that I enjoy this moment until its last second! 

Good night guys!

The next batch!

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