EEP – Days 27 – 29

EEP – Day 27

  • Physiology Review: Hypothalamus&Pituitary&Adrenal Gland Axis + Reproduction System (Male&Female) + GI Track. 
  • Chemistry: exam practice. 

I honestly feel that I am lost when it comes to reproduction. I understand which hormones start the production of gametes both in the male and the female, but that’s about it. Sadly. The notes I have are not very clear on their own. I guess I should watch the videos but I am afraid there will be no time left for the other systems. 

I’d rather dedicate more time to the digestive and urinary systems than to go into detail in the reproductive system. They are more likely to ask one question about each of the systems than several questions about a single one. It’s just a guess though. 
EEP – Day 28
The focus was on exam practice. Matilde and I went through all the sample exams available online ( 
We solved all the biology exams and a chemistry one. 
Some time devoted to looking for information online that could clarify some of the concepts we struggled with. 
EEP – Day 29
I slept only a few hours in order to be tired tonight. I was working the last two nights and I can’t risk the night before the entrance exam. So I took a 3 hours nap and then got up in order to fix my CV and all the paperwork needed to apply to Semmelweis University. 
It took me forever to get everything done. When I finally gathered all the papers into a folder it was already 21:45. I tried a quick review through my notes but it felt like I was just looking at them, not actually studying them. After 30 minutes of pure inefficiency, I decided to pack and relax.
The highlight of the day was actually the lunch with my best friend in Oslo and the coffee break that I had in the afternoon. There’s a place not so far from where I live that has the best Mocca coffee in Oslo (in my biased opinion). This one was made with soya milk and it tasted really good.
The anxiety started to really kick in before I went to bed. But I managed to calm myself down rather quickly. There is actually no point in being nervous. This is just the beginning and whatever happens, life goes on. Right?
I remember when I took the exams that would determine whether or not I would be offered a place at the University of Porto (Portugal). I was so nervous that I barely passed. My grade was ridiculous compared to what I used to get during the school year. Why? Certainly, because I was so stressed out that I couldn’t even focus and think about a way out of those questions. Were they very difficult? No. It was an easy exam. In the end, my average saved me and I got into Economics at FEP – Faculty of Economics of Porto. 
Getting bad results because I am not able to tackle the pressure makes me sick when I realise that I just wasted a chance. Believe me: not worth it. I better do poorly because I know little or not even enough. It feels better then. 
Tomorrow, whatever happens, happens. Let’s make sure that it reflects my best shot!
Good luck to everyone who is applying!

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