What? My previous post was in September! Seriously? 

I don’t really know what happened. All I can say is that it happened way too fast. 
I must confess. Working 60% at night and studying almost full-time is not easy.
Even though working night gives me more flexibility to attend classes at the University of Oslo, most of the time I feel like I’m not delivering what I should. I want to give it all, but my willpower betrays me more than I’d like to admit. Especially when I’m sleep deprived.
After 3 night shifts, for instance, I need at least 24 hours to recover and switch sleeping patterns (which are becoming more and more difficult to change). When working weekdays I must, in addition, attend all the mandatory classes and labs. I had some pretty long days over the last months.
Since the middle of September, I decided to drop all the theory classes. There was no point for me in being there. It was too passive for me. I didn’t get anything out of it and it was impossible to attend everything with my workload. From that point on I just attended the mandatory classes and labs. 
Neither biology nor chemistry offered midterm exams. It was all about the final exam. To be honest, I like it that way. 
Is it over now? Yes! Thank you, Lord! 
Today I had my last exam, chemistry.  I think I did well. At least it feels like I did well. 
The biology exam was on the 4th (last Friday) and it went OK. I’m not going to get a very good grade, that’s for sure. But given the amount of material, we had to read and the incredibly high number of boring topics covered, I’m glad it’s over regardless the final grade. 
So much to tell and my brain is already imploring to shut down for a while… I’m working tonight. So I better get some sleep to make it easier for me later on. 
Meanwhile, the winter has been approaching. And I feel so blessed for living in a country where all the 4 seasons are so very different from each other.
We’re running short on sunlight nowadays. Not that cold yet though. Quite mild for the time being, indeed. 
Time to take a nap! 
I promise that I’ll post more often and I’ll tell you all about the University of Oslo (UiO), including tips to do biology and chemistry (BIO 1000 and KJM1100). 

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