What does not kill you…

What does not kill you… makes you stronger.
Today I didn’t study anything despite the new exam coming in 5 days.

There were a lot of things I needed to fix at home and I’d rather get rid of those tasks as soon as possible.
After sharing yesterday’s interview experience with the closest friends I can’t avoid laughing at the whole thing at the moment. 
I think it’s some kind of defence mechanism I have developed over the last years in order to protect me from distress. A good laugh at myself. I have a lot of fantasy inside my head so making fun of myself isn’t really that difficult.
At this point, I’ve had the time to see the whole weekend in perspective. It’s somehow easier to accept that despite my lack of knowledge at the interview, the questions asked were very unexpected. Perhaps the whole thing was more of a test to my nerve. I have the feeling that he (the professor) wanted me to feel uncomfortable and see how I react under pressure. 
If that was actually the case then I played cool and it is probably the smartest thing one can do in such a situation. Losing your temper or answering back at them is kill any chances you might have of being accepted.
There will be more opportunities to prove myself and this was not a defeat of any kind. It was actually a valuable, valid experience. 

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