What a weekend!

This week was one of the craziest since I have started medicine.

I literally didn’t do anything else other than sleeping, study and eat/drink somewhere in between.

I had to prepare for the chemistry exam yesterday while trying to keep up with anatomy and having a big histology chapter to read before Friday.

It was the first time I felt really unprepared for histology. On Thursday evening I was really pissed at myself for not having read enough during the Christmas break.

All I managed to do regarding histology by then was to read the 80% of the chapter (without committing much to memory). Usually, when I get to Thursday I have already read the chapter 1-2 times. Otherwise, it’s difficult to recall all the new words when writing the test.

When I went to bed that I was completely exhausted. So I decided to call it a night early and got up around 07:15 the next day. I tried to read through the entire chapter as quick as I could. Since I start at 10:15 on Friday’s I can study at home until 09:30.

The test went well in the end but it could have gone so wrong. I was lucky this time around. One of the questions was so easy but I couldn’t answer. Why? Because I just read that part of the chapter once and I couldn’t recall the proper name of the structure. Disappointing! 

I know these tests are not a big deal – they don’t count for anything but you need an average of 50% throughout the year to be admitted to the final exam. However, I believe that if I try my best every week and actually understand the material it will be easier when studying for the colloquium.

The chemistry exam yesterday was also tricky. 30 questions and 90 minutes. I can’t explain what happened. I suppose I wasn’t at my best because I couldn’t answer questions that I usually have no problems answering. I got nervous at some point because the calculations were taking too long and I messed up some of the other questions because I was in a hurry. 

Never mind. I survived.

After coming home I couldn’t really focus. Therefore I decided to do other important things. I bought the necessary groceries for some days, did the laundry, organized my bedroom, changed the bed sheets… And cooked an amazing meal! Oh yeah. I really enjoyed my evening yesterday despite being all alone at home.

Butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots, celery root, onion, leek, water and coconut milk. Namnam. 

Vegan love! No more studying after this meal. Just singing and listening to relaxing songs with a very happy stomach.

Today I woke up around 09:30. My cram session for molecular biology started around 09:45. I read all the seminars and lectures available online and tried to cram as much information as possible. In addition to those documents, we had to read a scientific article.

I spent the entire day reading and taking quick notes.

It is an online exam and it opened at 18:00. The first part of the exam consists of random theory 25 questions (25 minutes). The second part consists of 5 questions regarding the scientific article. 60% is needed to pass in both parts.

The first part went very well. The second part was a joke. And because I am so good at joking I failed it. I only got 1 question related to the scientific article. The other 4 questions were completely unexpected.

I got 2 correct answers out of 5 and because of that, I failed it. Damn… 1 point!

The resit is on Wednesday at 17:00 and this time it will be a written exam.

I have heard that I am only supposed to repeat the part that I failed. If that’s the case I will be very happy about it because it will save me a ton of work.

Despite the intensity, stress and the craziness of the medical studies I really love my life. I manage to see the good things outside of the big bubble that I live in.

The snow has come and it is beautiful in Gdansk. I have mixed feelings concerning snow. It’s nice to watch it falling outside when you’re inside enjoying a good cup of coffee. However, if you need to walk from A to B it slows you down quite a bit. Not convenient at all. Especially for a southern European man who is still trying to master the skill of walking on snow.  

That door on the far right side is the entrance to the embryology department. 

Just the fact that I wrote the word embryology made me feel as if I was punched in the face. Believe me. I have my reasons.

Tomorrow another week starts… BAH! Latin exam on Tuesday, Molecular biology retake on Wednesday, Polish exam on Thursday and histology test on Friday. Interesting to say the least.

I’m off to sleep!

Have a great week! 

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