Gdansk, this is Summer

This week is officially over.

We had our last histology colloquium (theoretical part) today at 11:00 AM. 62 multiple choice questions and 95 minutes. We were tested in 9 chapters.

I actually think it was a very fair test. There was a good mix of easy, relatively difficult and difficult questions.

The downside of having exams on a Saturday is that my weekend becomes really short. Usually, after such exams, I don’t have the energy to go back home and study. It feels like a waste of time but I am really making an effort to avoid guilty feelings. They just ruin everything.

Yesterday night we received the results of the IT and Biostatistics exam. Passed! History of Medicine is also over by the way. The exam was an online test and I passed it a week ago. Two more subjects out of my way!

We are 10 days away from the 3rd anatomy colloquium. Just the thought of it makes me want to dig a hole and hide in there for the rest of my days.

The exam will cover head, neck and neuroscience. Despite neuroscience being actually (very) interesting, there is a great deal of detail yet to be covered.

The next two weeks we will have anatomy lectures twice a week: on Mondays and Tuesdays. In the meanwhile, we will have the practical histology colloquium next Friday and the final Polish interview/oral exam on Monday (29th of May).

I would say that is the most challenging part of the studies: time management. There is always so much to do and prepare that one feels overwhelmed most of the time. In the end, it’s all about establishing priorities and do what needs to be done first. Only then I allow myself to worry about the next task.

Anatomy will take all my energy from now on. I really need to catch up on some topics and I hope that allow myself to breathe whenever things feel hopeless. Because they do feel that way many times here.

After anatomy 3rd colloquium we will have about one week to prepare for the final histology exam.

Enough about exams and school.

Summer has finally arrived in Gdańsk. It has been so warm! Even the grumpiest students smile these days. Sun can really uplift some souls. 

Some months ago I found a park that is perfect for running, cycling, walking… It is 10-15 minutes walk from the main street in Old Town.

Whenever I run I include this park in my route. I love the lake, the swans, the green grass…

Here are some random pictures that show how beautiful Gdańsk is.

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  • Great post as always! We would love a review on the first year of medical school when you finish everything. Good luck! 😀

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