Redox Reactions, Organic Isomers and Chirality

Some days ago I was really struggling with balancing redox reactions. 

I get the principle behind it but at some point, I always mess up with the numbers. Really frustrating.
What about balancing them when they happen in an acidic solution? And a basic? Oh Gosh.
I found the light that will illuminate your journey from now on! Check these out.


So I decided to move on to Organic Chemistry and things got a little confusing when I read about the isomers. 
That’s when I decided to search for youtube videos that could clarify some of my questions.

And these are just awesome! It’s a pity that this girl hasn’t made more videos. She explains things so well! Have a look.

Are you struggling with the concept of chirality? Then I recommend this one.



Is everything a little more clear now?

I hope so. Lift your head up and keep on studying.

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