Noor Abdulkarim

Time to introduce you to Noor, my partner in crime.

We study a lot together because we have the same study technique. Having a good study partner really makes a difference. 

Name = Noor Abdulkarim.

Age = 21.

Country of Origin = Siria.

Languages = Arabic, English and Turkish. 

Favourite Restaurant in Gdansk = Thai Thai.

Zodiac sign = Cancer.

1 – What motivated you to study medicine?

I have always wanting to become a doctor ever since I was a kid and my parents support motivated me to study medicine.

2 – Why did you choose Gdansk?

I applied to several universities but Gdansk was the first one that accepted me. So I just continued with the procedures and got in.

3 – What do you like the most about the city? Is there anything you would like to see improved? 

What I like most about the city is the easy access and availability of stuff. I would love if Polish people were better at communicating with foreigners.

4 – Have you studied anything else before you started medicine? 

I did not have any other major before starting here.

5 – What are the things you wish you knew before medical school?

I wish I had a better foundation of studies before starting.

6 – What was your favourite subject so far? What about your least favourite? Why?

My favourite subject so far was anatomy. It was a very challenging subject.

Biostatistics was the least favourite. It did not make any sense in my head.

7 – What is the hardest thing about being a medical student?

Time management and dealing with constant stress all the time are the hardest things about being a medical student.

8 – What is the number one tip you would give to a freshman?

The number one tip I would give to any freshman is to always study and not give up when it gets rough.

9 – What do you usually do during your study breaks in order to relax?

I usually listened to music in my study breaks. 

10 – Have you thought of any specialities that might interest you?

Surgery, internal medicine, anesthesiology. 

11 – Complete the sentence. I would not have survived the first two years of medical school without…  my friends in Gdansk. They became a second family to me.

12 – Which disease would you choose to eradicate today?

I would love to eradicate cancer.

13 – Which superpower would you like to have?

An extremely powerful memory would a great superpower. Then I would read things once and have them stuck in my head forever.

14 – Which holiday destination is at the top of your list?


15 – Do you have any dream you would like to share with the rest of us?

I am already fulfilling my dream by studying medicine.

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