Mytomatodiary #78 and #79

This weekend I didn’t manage to read any further but I put all my knowledge into practice. Which is awesome. It gives me a better sense of what I should insist on.

I really worked with the VSEPR and Hybridization theories. 

The progress was huge. My biggest problems when trying to figure out how to draw a molecule were:
  • What atom stays in the middle and why?
  • When should I follow the Octet Rule principle and when not? Why?
If you are struggling as well as I was, watch the video below. Make sure you understand how you are supposed to draw the Lewis Structures and VSEPR/Hybridization theory will be a piece of cake.
In order to practice I used this page (click on the hyperlink). Over 50 molecules for you to practice. It’s great! 

Bedtime soon here! Tomorrow I will have a long day. Moving on to Chemistry and Physics. 

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