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Back to the base

Yes. You guessed it. I am back to Gdansk.

Even though it is hard to leave home after such an amazing Christmas break, it feels right to come back a couple of days before school starts.

We will have classes from the 9th to the 27th of January.

These are the exams coming up:

  • Chemistry – 14th of January
  • Molecular Biology – 15th of January
  • Biophysics – 31st of January


Biophysics is going to be a hard bite to swallow for me. Especially because I will have to study it so intensively.

During the semester we are always so busy with anatomy and histology that all the other subjects are sort of ignored (I am talking for myself now)… Until one day you wake up and you realize that you must cram the material from an entire semester in a couple of weeks or less. It sucks.

After the 27th of January, we will have a break from classes. It is official exam period but for some strange reason, we only have one: biophysics. I have heard that 1st year a bit unique regarding the first exam period. However, once classes restart on the 20th of February things are going to be interesting. We will have our second round of colloquia.

Anatomy in the first week of the second semester (24th-25th of February) and histology the week after (3rd-4th of March).

So the ideal scenario is to pass biophysics on the first attempt so that I can focus on the two biggest monsters during those 2-3 weeks in which we are free from school.

But first things first.

In the meanwhile, we are going to be tested in Polish. An oral interview that will be graded. In addition, we will have a short written test. The most difficult aspect of the Polish language is the pronunciation. It is so hard to replicate some of the sounds…

Oh yeah… The crazy life is about to start again. Long days, anatomy labs demanding a lot of work beforehand, histology every Friday, getting up at 7:00 when it is so dark and cold outside… Pew!

One way or another, time flies.

I feel a little apathetic right now. 

Perhaps it is time to get some good sleep. It always helps. 

Good night!

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  • Thank you for this amazing blogg! Im going to study/do the enterance exam this next semester. I hope that all goes well.

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