Mytomatodiary #46

2nd of December #46

Chemistry [MCAT]

  • Hybridization Theory
  • Sigma and Pi Bonds
  • Molecular Polarity
  • Intramolecular Bonding
  • Hydrogen Bonding
  • Physical Properties of Compounds

Physics [MCAT]

  • Newton’s Laws

The MCAT book is done for people who have been exposed to these topics before. Therefore the information is very compact. There are chunks of material which are explained good enough, but some other important topics (like VESPR Theory) are poorly covered. If you haven’t taken any science subject it will be difficult to understand everything at first.

In order to get a better understanding of the material I bought several ‘FOR DUMMIES’ books (online):

  • Chemistry for dummies I
  • Chemistry for dummies II
  • Biology for dummies
  • Physics for dummies I
  • Physics for dummies II.
The Chemistry books have arrived and they are really cool. They teach you things in a simple way, no fancy words, really as if you have never had the subject before.
Additionally, I downloaded these free online books (Physics and Biology available, Chemistry is coming at the beginning of 2015). They are amazing!
All combined these sources of information are enough to teach yourself all you need to know.
You just need self-discipline and the right motivation.

Welcome to 3rd-year!

Orientation Week – Days 1 and 2

The next batch!

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