Mytomatodiary #27

29th of October

Total number of tomatoes: 5
  • Human Physiology: 3 [Male Reproductive System H-P-G Axis; Male Reproductive System – Sperm and Hormone Production; Female Reproductive System H-P-Gonad Axis] = I watched the videos and read the notes. I feel good about it so far. 
  • Biology: 2 [Proteins and Nucleic Acids] = I reviewed some of the things I read yesterday and finished it with the DNA and RNA. The first 2 chapters of the biology book are covered. I think it is a really good book. Many ‘real world’ examples and it is written to people like me, who really don’t know a thing about the subject.


I feel like I really need to step up my game. If I wanna make it to all the examinations I am considering, I should really dedicate more time to the cause.

Tomorrow I will go insane.

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