I have been struggling with motivation lately. 

I had planned something completely different for the time being. I should be reading one biology chapter a day. The same with organic chemistry.
Instead, I have been waking up so late that half of my day is already gone. I have been sleeping an average of 12 hours a day. Don’t ask me why. Nothing feels wrong in my body this far. However, once I go to bed I completely disconnect. No alarm has been able to put me out of the bed. 
My day is spent trying to fix things. Food, laundry, cleaning. Whatever. 
The evening comes and I just feel guilty. I know I should just sit down and start reading. It might be hard to start but once one is on the move things tend to get easier. However, I can’t even make it to the starting point. 
Hopefully, a stronger side of me will break through this state of apathy soon. In 2 months there will be no excuses. Either I know the answers to the questions in front of me or I don’t. There will be no one to blame but myself. So I better put my shit together and start studying properly. 

Happy New Year!

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