High motivation + low fuel = not a good comb

I am currently running on low fuel.

My Norwegian intensive course was cancelled. Apparently, we were 8 people in total, but everyone unrolled the course during the previous week (except me and another person).

The teacher had a couple of alternatives to offer me but none of them was doable because of my work overload. In the end, he was really nice and offered me private classes on Friday mornings for a great price.

I had my first class two days ago and it went really good. I’m supposed to work a lot on my own, but it pays off in the end because the class is entirely focused on my weaknesses. 

Besides the Norwegian course, I am working like crazy. My leader changed my schedule on Thursday before she left for vacation.

The fact that I’m working so much has a great effect on what I’m able to do in my free time. I have the motivation to study biology and chemistry burning under my skin, but I can’t be very effective when I change my sleeping patterns all the time. Not to say that working so many days (while the weather is so amazing) and so intensively (long shifts) makes my mood a go darker.

Basically, all I’m trying to say is: ‘high motivation + low fuel = not a good comb’.

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