Welcome to 3rd-year!

Hello and welcome to 3rd-year!

The first week of school is history and we are about to dig deeper and deeper into the medical books.

The featured image was not chosen randomly. It really reflects the common fear of 3rd-year students here in Gdansk. 

Nevertheless, not much has yet happened. It was basically an introduction week. Since we are going to spend most of our time at the hospital from now on, there has been a lot of wandering around in the hope of finding the right building, the correct seminar room or lecture hall.

Several professors have warned us that 3rd-year is the toughest of our medical education. According to them, it is the year when we become doctors.

Many of the diseases we will study require a good foundation of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry.

The workload is huge, the examination period is crazy and the pace at which we must learn the material makes it a very stressful year to get through.

On the positive side, the subjects are really interesting for those of us who are making their dream come true.

During the next 9-12 months, the kids that I must keep an eye on at all times are definitely Pathomorphology and Pharmacology.

Pathomorphology is exciting because it is intimately related to histology. As you all should know by now, I am a histology enthusiast. I love the fact that there is so much life (or death) in a microscopic slide. So points for Pathomorphology!

I have not yet put many hours into Pharmacology. However, I am sure I will have to spend endless study sessions memorising those weird drugs. Their names are not that charming either. 

Besides these two little terrorists, this semester I will have Pathophysiology, Psychiatry I, Clinical Genetics, Introduction to Internal Medicine II, and Introduction to Surgery.

Pathophysiology seems one of those I will have fun with as well. I enjoy reading about disease mechanisms. The two lectures we have had so far made me hungry for more.

My schedule is great. Probably the best schedule I have ever had since 1st-year. Definitely a boost!

I know half of the people in my group fairly well. Except in lectures, where anyone can join, we are a total of 20 people in class for the most part. Furthermore, we are from all over the place so English is necessary for all of us to communicate. In groups where one or two nationalities predominate people usually speak their own languages and, in my opinion, that kills the charm of studying abroad.

Tomorrow the gates to hell will open and the stress levels are going to rise.

I am excited about the next months. Sure, it will be tough but we will come out of this experience stronger.

Good luck everyone and take care of your neurones.

1st-year completed

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3rd-year completed

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