First-year subjects

In this post, I write about recommended books by the school as well as the first-year subjects you will have as a medical student in Gdansk. 

The recommended books have already been posted on the university’s website. 
It is a long list and I don’t believe anyone should buy all those books. Too expensive and some of them totally unnecessary.

I have chatted with some students who are finished with the first year in Gdansk and according to them all I should get are the anatomy books. 
The school recommends Netter’s as the atlas. However, I have talked to several medical students and the vast majority of them recommends Thieme

For Medical Chemistry I will use the book I used for General Chemistry at the University of Oslo last year. It should do just fine.

The Polish I books will be bought through the teacher once we start school

I am still wondering what to do with Biophysics. Previous students say one can do just fine with lecture notes and previous exams. Let’s see. 

I had ordered everything online thinking it would be so much cheaper than buying it in a bookshop. Wrong.

Curiosity got the best out of me and I went to look up some books in a store – ABC Fagbokhandel AS – located in Pilestredet 41 B (Bislett area, Oslo). 

The man working there is really nice and has given me great advice regarding medical books. A good way to save money is to buy older editions of the books you need. The content is the very same but the latest editions have added/changed something small. For that small addition/change (for instance, a new diagram or some new pictures) you end up paying more. 

A good example of this is the BRS book series. The 8th edition of BRS Gross Anatomy was around 400 NOK. The 6th edition cost me 150 NOK. There will be small differences between them. But you will get more value for money with an older edition of the same book. 

It is very difficult to save on anatomy atlases though. Unless you buy them in 2nd-hand. And again, the salesman told me that Thieme is the very best anatomy atlas on the market thus far. He recommended me the 3 big books in a bundle since they are more detailed than the single unit. 

I was shocked when I realized that the price difference between the books on those shelves and on Amazon or TheBookDepository was non-existent. 

So please check the bookstores around you before you order your books online. Who knows if you don’t end up saving money. 

These are first-year subjects (a total of 60 ECTS).

  • Gross Anatomy with Neuroscience (18 ECTS).
  • Histology with Cell Physiology (2 ECTS).
  • Biophysics (5 ECTS).
  • Medical Biology (2 ECTS).
  • Medical Chemistry (3 ECTS).
  • Embryology (2 ECTS).
  • Hygiene (1 ECTS). 
  • Nursing Care Activities (1 ECTS).
  • History of Medicine with Elements of Philosophy (2 ECTS).
  • Basic Polish I (2 ECTS).
  • Molecular Biology (2 ECTS).
  • Informatics and Biostatistics (2 ECTS).
  • Sociology of Medicine (2 ECTS).
  • Workshops in psychology (1 ECTS).
  • Elective courses (5 ECTS).
I guess that more important than following the recommended book list is to find books that one feels comfortable with and stick to them. 
Yesterday I spent some hours with my new anatomy atlas. It smells so new! Haha! I love new books. 
The atlas is amazing. The pictures are beautiful and the text is clear, straight to the point and helps to understand what you are looking at. Impressive.
I couldn’t help reading a little about the anatomical position, the different planes one can cut the human body in, and some of the bones. So interesting.
Enough about books. 
Have a great week!

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