EEP – Days 14 – 20

EEP – Day 14

A week ago I had the biology lab and group classes. That takes about 4 hours. I came home, slept a little bit before the long night shift and left to work. Thus, not much reading.

EEP – Day 15
No reading at all.
EEP – Day 16
No reading at all. Working night shifts is really a killer when it comes to studying. I get so lethargic… It’s really hard to keep focus. 
Anyway, the last two evenings were really amazing since I had great quality time with friends. 
EEP – Day 17
Most of the time was dedicated to biology. Some chemistry also reviewed.
EEP – Day 18
I read all about the carbohydrates, some biology as well as chemistry. I’m going strong on reviewing all the concepts that I think are crucial to the exams. In the end, it’s all about remembering things on the examination day.
EEP – 19
Not much biology done except reviewing the most important things.
The focus was physiology. All about the action potentials, neurons, hormones, and feedback controls.
EEP – 20
Biology for the most part. The classes on Wednesdays take so much of the day… And now I must write the lab reports… Just hope it does not take all of my time. 
8 days left. I’m still cool about it. Doing my best to stay cool. This is just the beginning. Not the end of the world. 

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