EEP – Day 5

Today it feels like I have not done much. But looking at things in perspective, I must admit that I did move forward.

  • Biology: Cell Signalling Review + Entrance Exam Example 1 + Cell Respiration.
  • Chemistry: Organic Chemistry Nomenclature Review + Entrance Exam Example 1.
I solved the exams with Matilde who attended the same classes as me the last fall. She is also taking the entrance exams in March, so we study together and help each other along the way. 
It took a while to get them solved but I have to admit that many of the questions were answered without looking at our study notes. 
It takes me 2 days to read one biology chapter properly. I realised that I don’t benefit from trying to kill 1 chapter every day. The concepts do not stick to my brain and I feel like I’m climbing a rock with no rope left. So I decided to be more conservative and actually focus a little longer on a chapter while learning it. 
Keeping this pace will get me through mitosis and meiosis in 1,5 weeks. Then I’ll be ready to answer whatever questions about these topics. 

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