Pomodoro technique

Have you ever heard about the Pomodoro technique? 

Focus 25 minutes on a task. Take a short break up to 5 minutes. Focus again for 25 minutes. Take another break. Once you have done 4 Pomodoros take a longer break. 

This technique is supposed to help you improve your productivity. Well, I’m about to try it out in order to study Norwegian. I’ll have a pretty big Norwegian language test in October and I have to pass it. A lot of things depend on that test result. So I better pass it! 

You can have a look here: Pomodoro. It’s a really good introduction to this technique.

There are also several apps for Android and IOS. I am using Clockwork Tomato for Android. Pretty good!

Almost 4 years after graduation my study efficiency is gone. That is something I want back. I need it back. Period.

I will incorporate the Pomodoro technique into my study routine for the next 7 days. 

Hopefully, it will work and I will be able to get the study discipline I need.

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