Personal Assistant II

I got a task that I could never think of if I was not a personal assistant.

From October my contract is about 65% (part-time at night) with Steinar (an ALS patient).

Besides Steinar, I keep a part-time job as a personal assistant that I got in August of 2013. I work for a blind woman who lives nearby my place (10 minutes away) and needs help in her daily life. I’m just an extra assistant. Therefore, I may work for her a couple of hours once or twice a month.

In August she gave me a book which teaches you how to strengthen your muscles with different exercises (most of them involve lifting weights, but not all).

She scanned the book but she needs someone to fix eventual mistakes that the machine does when reading/scanning the book and converting it into a digital file (yes, the machine mixes letters and some paragraphs). Furthermore, she does not need the pictures there (remember, she’s blind), so she wants the file to contain text only. This way her computer can read through the file smoothly and she’s able to hear everything she needs in order to perform the exercise.

Who got that task? Me! And guess what: I get paid by the number of hours that I use! Yaaaaaay! Yes, it is kind of a boring task but the book has a lot of pictures illustrating the human body, muscles, bones, etc.

Moreover, it is written in Norwegian, which helps me to practice. I started working on it yesterday. I feel so bad that I’ve kept the book for so long and I haven’t done anything yet. But I told her I’d be going on vacation and that I would start as soon as I got the chance. No more excuses! The lady wants to work out at home and I’m making her wait too long.

The Autumn has come to Oslo. I personally love this season. It’s the when the sun gives in and the moon ascends to power. It’s the perfect time for night owls like me.

Welcome Autumn! 

Shouldn’t I be studying already? Yes, indeed! But I needed to express how glad I am for living somewhere where all the seasons can talk for themselves and show us the beauty of something extremely pure. Nature.
The Summer is gone and unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy much of it. It has happened since I’ve moved to Norway. I work a lot during Summer time and get more free time as soon as it’s over.
The clock is ticking against my will and I must study! It is now or never! Sleep well!

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