Mytomatodiary #34

6th of November

Total number of tomatoes: 10
  • Biology: 7 [Energy and Metabolism; Glycolysis; Citric Acid and Oxidative Phosphorylation; Fermentation] = This was a huge amount of new information in a single day. I had to read some paragraphs several times in order to understand. But I got most of it and I’m happy about it. 
  • Chemistry: 3 [Review of the Chemical Nomenclature] = Look what I found: It has lots of PDF sheets that you can use to practice chemistry. It comes with the solutions, obviously. Really good! Besides that, it’s really time to memorize the most common polyatomic ions. I’ve been a lazy student and have never put much effort into it. Today I am aware that chemistry will be a nightmare if I don’t know these. So I better dream about them tonight!


Even though I feel like I have been at the desk all day long, there is still so much to cover. And only 2 more days before the end of the week. 
I’m not giving up though! Let’s do this shit! 

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