Mytomatodiary #19 #20 #21 #22 & #23

There is a lot to catch up. Here we go!

13th of October #19

Total number of tomatoes:12
  • Human Physiology: 8 [Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Adrenal axis; Review of the Cardiovascular System; Review of the Respiratory System] = My plan was to take the exam during the day but I didn’t feel good about it so I postponed it for one day.
  • Norwegian: 4 [Reading; Grammar Exercises] = Some of the exercises are damn tricky. But these will make me stronger for the test. I don’t have the patience to memorize all the verbs I should. Therefore I will only insist on the most used ones.


14th of October #20

Total number of tomatoes: 9
  • Human Physiology: 8 [Review of the Respiratory System; Review of the Endocrine System; Exam Practice, Weekly Exercises; InVideo Questions; 2nd Exam] = The exam went extremely well even though I was not very optimistic about it. Since I have no background in biology, it gets quite difficult when it comes to some very specific questions. I won’t lie to you: about 4 or 5 questions were pure luck. Other than that, I was able to answer based on the knowledge acquired so far. Plus: I’m done with Physiology for the rest of the week! 
  • Norwegian: 1 [Grammar Exercises] = I know that I’m slacking a bit. However, I feel that it is hard to study for a language test. In the end, I have learned a lot over the past months. It’s not 3 or 4 days that are going to make the difference. The important is to watch out for stupid mistakes and focus on writing objectively. Tomorrow will be the last class at school before the exam. I can’t wait for this exam to be over.


15th of October #21

Total number of tomatoes: 6
  • Norwegian: 6 [Brainwashing; General Review; Brainwashing; last bunch of difficult words and idiomatic expressions that may show up on Saturday; and final Brainwashing] = The teacher is really a positive soul and made sure we left with a good dose of self-confidence. It worked on me, I must admit. He told us that we’re great, we write very well, we are ready for the exam structure, blah blah blah… All good! ‘You guys are gonna kick ass!’. Hahahahahaha! Why not? 


16th of October #22

Total number of tomatoes: 4
  • Norwegian: 4 [Reading the known Norwegian newspaper (Aftenposten); Grammar Exercises] = Today I decided to relax a little bit more. It’s not worth to freak out now and study like there’s no tomorrow. The goal is not to go to the exam completely exhausted. Actually, the goal is the opposite: to go calm and as fresh as possible. I went carefully through the topics covered the previous day with the professor and enjoyed myself the rest of the day.


17th of October #23

Total number of tomatoes: 5
  • Norwegian: 5 [Review of the most dangerous mistakes] = Today was mostly about cooling myself down and not pushing too hard. I am ready! Not too nervous, not thinking about it all the time, just trying to enjoy the little things in life. Like a good cup of tea, or one of my favourite episodes of Modern Family. Tomorrow will be a big day! I can’t believe that I’ve been talking about the Bergenstest since June or July, and all the sudden the test is tomorrow! Let’s rock it! 

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