Mytomatodiary #13

7th of October

Total number of tomatoes: 6
  • Norwegian: 6 [Writing, Vocabulary Memorization, Grammar] = I’m trying to cover the material that I struggle the most with. No pain, no gain.
I read that when you are trying to memorize it’s good to focus on the words that you want to learn before you sleep and immediately after waking up. So I’m doing it from today on until the examination day.
I actually use Quizzlet to create the flash card lists. It works for whatever you are trying to memorise, not only languages. The biggest advantage of this website is that people can share their lists with other users. So much of your work is saved this way! I copied a huge list of Norwegian verbs from someone else and it saved me so much time. In addition, the website came up with some games to make the task of memorization not as horrible as it usually is. Have a look at it! 
After some time using Quizzlet I stumbled upon an app called Flashcards Deluxe (available for Android and IOS). I downloaded and upgraded it (I paid something like 3€ as far as I can remember). No regrets at all! It’s fantastic! It has several ways to show you the flashcards (random, ordered, spaced repetition or short-term goal). Now guess how to get the lists you want into the app. It syncs with Quizzlet. Isn’t great?
So basically I create the lists on Quizzlet and then sync Flashcards Deluxe with it, downloading all the flashcard lists that I want to memorise.
Now I’m off to memorise some more words and sleep. Tomorrow will be a log studying day.
See ya! 

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