LAB group 5

Since the beginning of the application process that I have been kind of obsessed with getting a spot in LAB Group number 5 in chemistry. 

It’s really the best match regarding my working schedule. 

As the days go by more and more places become available. 

Yesterday there was no free spots in General Chemistry but today there are some and guess what. Someone from group 5 gave up his/her seat. Who took it right away? Me!

Besides, the chemistry book arrived today. General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts, 7th edition by Raymond Chang & Kenneth Goldsby.

I’ve already gone through some of the pages and it has some pretty good explanations. Really worth a try.

The only that I’m a bit surprised about is that we’re not going to learn something very new. Everything is sort of a continuation of the material learned in high school.

I guess they want to make sure that everyone has a solid grasp on the subject before we move on with our studies.

Now I just need to be disciplined and study in advance. It sounds easier than it actually is.

62 days

Home sweet home

Rainy days

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